Monday, March 27, 2000

last day

By this time, Susan had decided that she wants to buy the resort and bring her mother and husband down there. She approached Bert and Marie and they said they were thinking about selling and would let her know.

Wow! Sounds like a good idea to me.

Finally, it was time to leave the island and we boarded Captain
Buck's boat to head back to Dangriga and the car and the airport. It was heart wrenching and neither of us felt thrilled about going home. Cap't Buck gave a little tour on the way, going by Bird Caye where the trees are loaded down with boobies and frigate birds. An amazing site. There is nowhere to land there and the birds must feel really safe. The horizon was hazy as we headed for the mainland. There had been a lot of brush fires in the heat and the smoke hung in the air, hiding the mountains. As we got closer, we could actually smell the smoke.

The 12 miles flew by and soon we were being greeted by a smiling Rudolpho who had been given the message the previous day that we
would be a day late. The car was there -- and so were our belongings.

Also there to meet us was a young man who we had met on the caye, AC, whom Susan had bought some grapefruit wine from. He had brought us more wine, this time ginger wine and it was in quart sports water bottles, sealed with masking tape. Having already quietly given the grapefruit wine to Buck as we had a suspicion that customs wouldn't let us bring it into the States, we were now landed with two barely sealed bottles of drink.
AC was so sweet that we couldn't say no, so loaded them into the car. We shouldn't have done it! Before we had even left the city limits the bottles had exploded and we had wine all over the car! And in the heat, we soon smelled like a traveling brewery and heaven knows what Kevin will say when we return the car!

I had had an ominous feeling about the car early that morning but was relieved to see it in it's parking place. But when I went to start it, the battery was completely flat!

Oh Oh!
But no worry, mon! Rudolpho and friends to the rescue! First they pushed and it wouldn't start. Then they did something I have never seen done before. Nobody has battery jumper cables so they replaced the battery from our car with one from their truck, I started the car and then, with the car still running they very carefully removed the good battery and replaced it with the dead one. I was afraid someone was going to get fried! But obviously they had done it before and there were no sparks or problems. What a relief - if we had had to find jumpers we would have been delayed and missed our flight and we would have had to stay "just one more day."


The drive to the car rental place was anti-climactic and we made it to the airport on time. It was a sad day and when we landed in Miami, where we were delayed due to weather in the mid-west, I could feel myself slipping back into what I suppose is reality. The women were wearing makeup and their hair was brushed and tidy, their clothes were neatly pressed and they were wearing real shoes.

Let me out of here - I want to go back.

The day we arrived home I had a call from a company that I have been in touch with for eight months about a job in southern California. I will go down to interview again next week. Two days after coming come, Quokka told me that there are budget cuts and my weekend job is going by the wayside. So I have made the decision to delay my move to Belize as the new job will offer me that much more financial security for the move. I think I will be starting the new position in about two weeks.


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