Monday, March 27, 2000

5 days to go

Susan C:Time is flying by and we are really starting to believe that we are really going. I think it was the trip to the health department for shots that made it sink in - I had to have a typhoid shot and a tetanus booster. I can't remember how long ago it was since I had one.

Then called the doctor for a prescription for anti-malaria tablets. One a week. I got methlaquine and Susan M decided to take chloraquine. I hope both are equally effective!

It's been a rush trying to get the bills taken care of before leaving and making sure the house is clean and ready for my kitty sitter. I wonder what I will forget to do. I know Chelsea already knows something is up.

I found that the laptop I use for my "real" job won't allow me to hook up a digital camera so I decided to go get another laptop - something I've been thinking about for a while. So bought a nice little Compaq Presario - not top of the line but certainly sufficient.

The last few days have been spent getting that computer up to speed, loading software and making sure everything works. Then Susan's daughter-in-law-to-be loaned us a camcorder! Oh man, are we digitized! We will have memories and pictures that won't quit!

My clothes are piled all over my bed - I'm trying to decide what to take. It's a riot of color - so different from the dark things I tend to wear in the cold climates.I usually end up taking too much stuff and end up with clean clothes squirreled away at the bottom of my bag. I've got the bug repellent and sunscreen and anti-itch stuff. And because we have mostly cotton clothes I decided to get a small travel iron from Magellan's. And because last time we traveled we ended up drinking Nescafe we bought a small travel coffee maker! Talk about going in style.

Part of the trip has taken on a different aspect as I have an assignment to interview a couple of adventurers who are kayaking down the coast from Baja California to Costa Rica. So it looks like we will take a short trip into Honduras so I can interview, audio record and photograph them! Sounds like fun to me. Luke, one of the adventurers gave us tips on where to stay in Placentia as they spent a lot of time there on the way down. I told him we are on a budget so the place he recommended is about $30 a night for the two of us. I think we can handle that!!


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